Nature printing • Rachel Ramirez

Saturday, NOV 21 2020, 10AM-1PM |

35€ with materials included

Registration until 19 NOV

Limited to 6 participants

About the workshop

An introduction to the techniques for using the surface of natural objects such as; leaves, flowers, seed pods, grasses, and seaweeds to produce prints on paper. Nature printing developed as a means to help with the identification and collection of medicinal plants. The techniques evolved into both scientific illustrations and an art form. Today the various processes continue to interest a wide range of people from botanists, gardeners, artists, graphic designers and tattoo artists.

What the workshop will include

• No drawing skills or previous art experience is needed to take part in this workshop. You will learn nature printing techniques and create your own prints to take home with you.

• The workshop will start with a brief explanation of what nature printing is, how the processes developed and what the prints are used for.

• An introduction to the properties of the inks and papers used.

• An introduction into the collecting and preparation of different plants suitable for printing, for example how to prepare seaweeds, how to prepare dried and fresh plants.

After this introduction the tutor will demonstrate a nature printing process using one colour of ink. Then people will make their own prints guided by the tutor. Once people have an understanding of the process the tutor will demonstrate how to mix, apply and print with coloured inks onto a variety of papers. Then people will make their own coloured prints guided by the tutor. This will start with a simple single print and develop into multiple impressions.

Participants will understand how to;

• select and prepare botanical specimens suitable for printing

• organise a work station for printing

• the differences between oriental and western printmaking papers

• mix colours and apply ink to botanical specimens

• print single and multiple specimens on a sheet of paper

• create a composition

• sign prints in the traditional fine art printmaking method

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