Nature in metal • Ana Gregório

Saturday, MAY 15 2021, 09h30am-1h30pm |

40€ with materials included

Inscriptions until July 8

Limited to 6 participants

About the workshop

In this workshop we will learn how to play with metal. By bending and forging the metal, you can play with its ductility and elasticity, obtaining reliefs and three-dimensional shapes that often seem straight out of nature.

The objective is for the participant to leave this workshop with leaves and flowers that can later be adapted to earrings, threads, bracelets or rings.

The metal that will be worked in the course is copper, but the same technique can be applied to metals such as silver and gold.

About Ana Gregório

Ana Gregório began her journey at the Lisbon Jewelry Center in 2013 and since then has attended several jewelery workshops, instigated by an irrepressible desire to learn. Although he has a special preference for Traditional Filigree, his experience with techniques such as waxing or chiseling allowed him to improve and enrich his creations, which he presents in his own name, under the brand “Ana Gregório - Artisanal Jewelery”, currently having his own workshop at POP UP Gallery Faro.

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