Let's draw with collage Kids • Fernando Brazão

Saturday, MAY 8 2021, 10am-11am & 11h15am-12h15am |

10€ with materials included

Inscriptions until May 6

Limited to 6 participants at each class

About the workshop

Collage, as a pictorial technique of composition and juxtaposition of elements that already exist in all types of printed material, is a very powerful magical and artistic tool. We can use it for the most complex and detailed works, as well as for the most basic exercises to stimulate creativity. In this small workshop, we will "draw" with cutouts, creating figures and characters with images from magazines and newspapers.

About Fernando Brazão

Born in 1973, Fernando Brazão develops an artistic path in which various materials and techniques are used, including collage, whose countless possibilities fascinate him from an early age.

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