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About the exhibition

Between the Sea and the Shore is a series about the unique underwater gardens of seagrass meadows, bringing the delicacy of these threatened ecosystems from which most of life on our seas depends. The visual language of this series reveals Lígia Oliveira’s background, with a multilevel approach to elements and a careful dialogue with materials: aerial perspectives of the landscapes where seagrass meadows grow, among the ever-changing sandbars and shifting currents of the sea. Seagrass movement and fluidity, in the sand and underwater, flowing between tides with mindful, spontaneous brushstrokes; colour and rhythm, articulated with the textured surface of the cotton paper. And detailed close-ups of seagrass various states of growth, through calm, simple lines and subtle tonal gradients. The making of Between the Sea and the Shore involved diving into scientists work on seagrass, as well as field trips to study seagrass characteristics and the astonishing beauty of these landscapes.

“My paintings are made of compositions connecting nature and abstraction. I look for a primordial, symbolic representation of nature, in a process where the materials’ rawness and essence is exposed, as they are. Natural materials have certain qualities that I hope to bring up in a meaningful way, in a process of deep listening: of the natural subjects, and of the materials themselves, in compositions constructed with a poetic sense, aiming for a sensory experience of them all. My deepest intention is that these works function as a symbol – a reflection about the environmental challenges we are facing in the context of the climate crisis, but also of the immense potential we have for solving them.”

Between the Sea and the Shore had the Portuguese Ministry of Culture as an institutional partner.

About Lígia Oliveira

Growing up surrounded by the tranquility of southern Portugal landscapes inspired Lígia Oliveira to pursue the creation of art embedded in nature. She initially studied Product Design and later earned her Urban Design PhD in Barcelona, where she experienced working across disciplines and cultures. This contributed to Oliveira’s developing a wider approach to art, by understanding the physical space and its elements, its relationship to other disciplines, and train her eye for detail across scales. Fascinated by art possibilities of expression and enquiry, with her work Oliveira aims to emotionally touch, inform and inspire towards an integrated relationship with nature. Multiplying elements until they form patterns fascinates her, as finding new ways for them to interact, in a balance between discipline and free expression. This repetitive sequencing turns the process of painting into a soothing, meditative act.

Oliveira was a lecturer at the University of Porto and researcher at the University of Barcelona. She is the author or several scientific papers, co-editor of the book The Economy of the Artist, and of two poetry books. Lígia Oliveira’s work was exhibited and is part of private collections across Europe. She was awarded art & design prizes for her work and received the support of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (PT), Foundation for Science and Technology (PT), Ministry of External Affairs and Cooperation (ES), Antwerp City Council/Havenhuis (BE) and Matosinhos City Council (PT), among others.

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