Flags with screen-printing • Gonçalo Duarte

Saturday, MAY 1 2021, 9h30am - 1h30 pm |

45€ with materials included

Inscriptions until April 29

Limited to 6 participants over the age of 16

About the workshop

No prior experience is required.

The Standard Screen Printing Workshop in Terra dos Calhaus is designed for participants to create a flag for an imaginary volcanic island. Each participant will be able to choose a fabric, inks and symbols to create their flag, which they will then print using the silkscreen technique.

About Gonçalo Duarte

Gonçalo Duarte has been working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator since 2015. He was also a screen printing technician at Stolen Books and later founded @ workshop.loba, a screen printing workshop specializing in textile printing and paper. Since 2017, he has been a silkscreen teacher in the Illustration course at @eticoficial. As an illustrator and designer he works regularly with publishers such as @ elsinore.pt, @orfeunegroeditora, @ Antigona.editores.refractarios and is a contributor to @jornalabatalha. He was a student and fellow in the Illustration and Comics course at @arcocentrodearte where he became fascinated by comics, having already published works by the publisher @chili_com_carne and also in Estonia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. He is also one of the organizers of @feiragrafica, an annual independent edition fair, in partnership with Lisbon City Council.

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