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Atualizado: 17 de Jun de 2021

Affective fragments: memory as an artistic material | Saturday, July 10, 10am-1pm |

35€ with materials included

Inscriptions until July 7

Limited to 6 participants

About the workshop

We will cover collage, drawing and painting in a broad way, understanding them as tools for dealing with different images and their relationship with memory. We will carry out practical exercises proposed from a text chosen a priori by the person in charge. Throughout the workshop, we will critically monitor the development of the proposals, aiming at the creative development of each participant. The workshop will be divided into a tripod THEORETICAL PROVOCATION, PRACTICE and ANALYSIS.

Nowadays, in which we are going through profound social transformations, which also affect the arts, our forms of expression, interpretation and understanding of different creative processes are no longer so rooted in just one subject or specific field. On the contrary, the different artistic and social fields are related and mixed, resulting in the enrichment of the creative process. Despite these changes and the speed with which we are bombarded with information and images, memory as a way of building thinking remains an important mechanism for visual production. Just as memory is made of what we remember and forget, “collage” in the field of visual arts is one of the key procedures for the construction of narratives. Since the beginning of the 20th century, through the Dadaists, through pop art, until reaching the contemporaneity with the digital reality, collage has been a mechanism that facilitates the creative processes in visual production.

The spatial organization, the relationships between figure and background, the choice of colors, words and other elements present in the composition, as well as the construction of the figurative narrative in its formal, technical and conceptual aspect make "collage" as a form of thought can be used in an expanded way by aggregating different artistic disciplines.

About Cássio Markowski

Cássio Markowski (b. 1972) is a Brazilian plastic artist whose inventive practice has been characterized by a constant negotiation between different means of expression such as drawing, installation, collage, video, engraving and painting. With narratives, autobiographical and fictional, where his own ethnic and cultural hybridity emerges as an issue, he composes conceptual images that explore the dream of visual language and the relationships between human beings and nature. His works create a poetics whose theme revolves around memory, identity and childhood. Graduated in Visual Arts from the Center of Arts of the University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), he also completed the Masters in Research and Creation in Arts and Arts and Sciences of the Spectacle, both from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). Having also lived and worked in Poland and Spain, he currently lives and works in Almada, Portugal.

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