Cássio Markowski • O SOM QUE VEM DE LONGE

Atualizado: 31 de Out de 2021

9 JUL - 23 OCT |

About the exhibition

“We can never fully recover what has been forgotten. And maybe it’s good that way...” Walter Benjamin

For Walter Benjamim, we can count on the strength of things that were left behind, not in the nostalgic impossibility of recovering them as they were, but in the perspective of creating with them an unfinished and open actuality. In “The sound that comes from afar” we look at childhood as a potential operator of resistance, reanimating sensations, rhythms and languages. We use drawing, sometimes in paper cutouts, sometimes in geometric patterns and patterns, to make an analogy of childhood space as a place of first memory, a place where echoes of the past reverberate in the present. Echoes of what we have lived and heard, which free or imprison us and which are crucial to thinking about what we are today.

About Cássio Markowski

Cássio Markowski (b. 1972) is a Brazilian plastic artist whose inventive practice has been desired by a constant negotiation between different means of expression such as drawing, installation, collage, video, engraving and painting. With narratives, autobiographical and fictional, where his own ethnic and cultural hybridity emerge as a question, he composes conceptual images that explore the dream of visual language and the relationships between human beings and nature. His works create a poetics whose theme revolves around memory, identity and childhood. Graduated in Visual Arts from the Center of Arts of the University of Santa Catarina (Brazil), he also completed the Masters in Research and Creation in Arts and Sciences of the Spectacle, both from the University of the Basque Country (Spain). After also having lived and worked in Poland and Spain, he currently lives and works in Almada, Portugal

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