Is it my impression or...? Kids • Elias Gato

Saturday, DEZ 5 2020, 9h30am-11am & 11am-12h30pm |

10€ with material included

Inscription until December 3

Limited to 6 participants

About the workshop

In this workshop we will use milk cartons as matrices to create imaginary characters.

From our head they will go to paper, then to the milk carton, and from there, with a beautiful color, they will finally be in the final work. Everything will be experimental, and the unexpected, guaranteed. How?

A head over there, a few legs over there, sometimes stick glue here, sometimes roll paint over there. And in the end? In the end, dirty hands, painted paper, work done, character created.

If you want to know more, just come. Breakfast eaten, mask put on, pencil in hand and so on!

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